Sunday, 30 November 2008

Glitter Pills

27th November 2008

Our current project is to send a message to five people. I was really excited when first got the project because it is really broad and I wanted to do something random like fairy awareness but then I got stuck on the idea of happy pills, mainly because I thought a pill box would be a nice object to do an illustration on seeing as part of the project has to involve a domestic object. I like the idea of escapism and so i drew a load of wonderland kind of pictures which was harder than I thought it would be because I didn’t like most of them.

Anyway, then i went to Boots and spent ages trying to find a packet of pills that had see-through plastic tray things inside them because I needed people to be able to see the pills inside the packaging and the only ones I could find like that were indigestion tablets. But that was cool, I bought them and took them home and COVERED them in glitter and drew smily faces and snowflakes and hearts on some of them. The pills were rainbow coloured anyway so it made it easier.

My tutor really liked the idea but wants me to develop it now. I’m going to do another set of pills for goths who are too happy and want to be stylishly miserable. This is how the box layouts roughly look at the moment:The depressants are going to have skulls and stripes and tears and things on them. Also I may invert the colours on the strip of writing for the ‘goth box’ because it might look better with white writing on a black background. I may just make the depressant box compeletely black and white.

I am looking forward to finishing this project now…

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Nic Stollery said...

love those pill boxes their awsome! rob got rather excited too! haha, see you in illustration city