Sunday, 30 November 2008

Dark Carousel

29th November

Yesterday I got a call during lifedrawing to say that I have sold a couple of Death of a Cupcake books at the Christmas show! :) This is very exciting for me.

I had a mini tutorial with Rob and he suggested that I make some of the writing on the pill boxes colourful so it is less harsh. I also changed the picture on the front of the depressant box because I think that the current picture looks more like a page from a book. I think that the two boxes look much more like a set now.

Last night I drew the picture for the front cover of my Grandmas Christmas Carol Service leaflet thingy. I never usually paint realsitically so it was really weird for me to try and get all the shading in and stuff and took me AGGGGES. I can’t look at the finished picture for too long though cos I just start seeing all the imperfections in it. I might redo it but here it is anyway:

Yay! I can't wait til Christmas! :)

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