Sunday, 30 November 2008

Hello World!

My name is Harriet and I am an illustration Student at Norwich University College of the Arts. Ultimately I want to become a childrens book illustrator. I love drawing and painting and taking photographs.

I also like cupcakes and glitter, stripy stuff, fairies, snowflakes, barbies, pvc boots/coats, storybook witches, seals, magic stars, glow stars, fairylights, smarties, tutus, false eyelashes as long as your arm, butterflies, stargazer make up, carousels, unicorns, my little pony, massively high see through heels, midnight glitter teaparties, red and white spotted mushrooms, christmas, mermaids, baby pink hair, the circus, ice, very cherry jelly beans, white face powder, rainbows…

My favouritest ever game is dressing up. :)

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