Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Adventure to London

This was a fun, tiring, random, nightmarish day. Lots of things went wrong but we kept smiling :) Erin and I went up to London to see Tracy Chapman. She lost her ticket, spilt her drink, was sick, we got on the wrong train TWICE, visited Emily and got the first train home this morning at 5.22 after NO sleep. Then Erin still had to go to work (lifeguarding) at 6.30! I drew all this while Emily and Erin slept for about an hour. I didn't see the point of sleeping especially when someone had to keep awake so that we didn't miss the train. I enjoyed walking through Hitchin at 6 o clock this morning. I was surprised at how many people were around! I wish I was a morning person. Then I could get up really early and do lots of stuff. Ha but that is wishful thinking. i CRASHED when I got home and slept for most of the day :S

I drew this on the way home^ It was a very empty train. I think I might use this for the Christmas project.

Also my phone broke and so I took it into the vodafone shop where Alfie works and he kindly took it home and fixed it for me. When I went to collect it the next day he said 'I opened it up and it was FULL of GLITTER!'

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