Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas Photoshoot

Today Henrietta and Tamsin came over and we dressed up in our santa outfits and took photos of eachother covered in fairylights and baubles. It was really fun. Dave was meant to be there aswell and dress as Father Christmas because Erin said she had a santa suit he could wear but I was out walking the dog when he arrived (because he texted me saying he would be 40 minutes late) so he went home again!

ANYWAY these are some of the photos we took: They are not very professional or anything and I'm not a good photoshopper but hey ho... it was just a bit of fun...

It was really hard to keep the pictures in focus because we wern't using a flash. We had to set up a tripod in the end! Most of them came out fuzzy. Also we used a star filter so that all the lights looked spiky and cool :)
I wish this one had been in focus ^
... and this was our set ^ We did it right by the front door so everyone had to use the back door for a while. I think it would be really cool to do a photoshoot with just loads and loads and loads of fairylights... multicoloured ones! Yes I am going to plan to do this soon. First I need to mend my multicoloured fairylights though. They are broken :(.

Ony 4 days til Christmas!!! :D

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