Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Family Portrait

Its Christmas Eve tomorrow! :) I am so excited! I decorated the tree the other day ON MY OWN. My sister and brother are too lazy to help do it now. It is all red and gold with tinsel and chocolates and stuff on it :D Ive been doing a lot of practicing drawing faces, especially mens face because I find it really hard to draw men's faces so that you can actually tell they are men and not women with short hair.

I tried to draw some pictures of my family but after a while i gave up and traced pictures of them instead so that they have more of a likeness. I am going to give the drawing to my Dad, my Grandad and my Grandma for Christmas.I am the one wearing the cat hood.

I reay admire the illustrators Tony Ditlerizzi and Chris Riddell for the way that they are able to draw such characterful faces.

ALSO i bought some half price pink fluffy fairyights today!

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