Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

We went to Daves today and did our secret santa which was fun. I got Erin a bag to take out clubbing so she doesn't lose everything like usual. Erin got Sian a wind chime thing and some bath stuff, Sian got Bruno a chocolate puzzle, Bruno got Dave a Star Trek bottle opener, Dave got Ben a mug with 'Jesus' written on it and Ben got me a pink box thing with drawers in it and fairies on it and some GLITTER HAIRSPRAY!!! :D

Daves room was COVERED in fairylights. Very festive. We listened to Christmas music and played a game where you have to act out a film and your team has to guess which film it is and get as many as you can in one minute or something. Brokeback mountain kept coming up. lol.

I watched the snowman twice today. I love it and I love Raymond Brigg's original illustrations. It inspired me to do some drawing but i will scan them in tomorrow or boxing day or something. I drew a candycane person.

Some really nice woman gave me her parking ticket today when she was done with it becasue it still had an hour left on it! How nice was that!


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