Monday, 1 December 2008


I made up all the pill boxes today and sent them off- 7 in all! I only sent one box of depressants and that was to the tutor, all the rest were ‘happy pills’ and I put smarties (instead of ‘glitter pills) in the boxes that I sent to my friends. I sent them to people that I thought needed cheering up a bit. I hope they don’t get offended! For my actual assessment I think I will present the two boxes as a set.I took this picture with my phone so it is not very good quality ^

I also re-did the Christmas picture without using black paint for the shadowing so that it doesn’t look so grey but I’m not sure which one I prefer. Also I didn’t do a background this time and the sky inside the globe is darker. I guess I’ll let my Grandma decide which one she wants to use. I think i still need to put a sheen on the globe so it looks more like a glass ball though…

I need to start making my house for Thursday now. We have to make an ‘apartment’ for a character and decorate it inside how that character would. At first I thought I would do something really gothic like a house for the Addams Family but now I’m not sure. It’s going to have fairy lights in it though :)

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