Thursday, 4 December 2008

Snow Queen

We had our crit for the delivery project today. i was a bit annoyed because I knew I could have expanded my idea more by putting intruction leaflet things inside the pill boxes to explain more what they were about and to make it more interesting but I didn’t because I had got bored of the project which means I still have to finish it off now grrr. But anyway I will look at paracetamol intruction leaflets in the Christmas holidays or something. Also I THINK the tutors preferred the illustration on the box of depressants to the the box of happy pills.

I know everyone was pleased with the boxes I sent out with smarties in them though. They all texted me the next day to say thanks for the happy pills lol :) Norwich post is fast! Other people sent theirs to really interesting people, people they didn’t know like art directors and supermarket chairpeople and other famous illustrators. I wish I could have another stab at this project now. I don’t feel like I did my best for it at all!

Rob was surprised that none of us had ever heard of Charles Addams who created the Addams family and he told me to look him up because I might find his illustrations useful.

Carol brought in some REALLY nice cake for part of her project and we all got to eat some :) I think it was lemon and ginger? Anyway it was yum.

I have been working on my ‘apartment’ for tomorrow. I started off my using snowflake wallpaper becasue it was the paper I had the most of so I decided I would make a house for the Snow Queen or Jack Frost although it’s more of a bedroom really rather that a whole apartment. It’s all blue! a colour I barely ever use or wear… but it has FAIRYLIGHTS in it!!! Which makes me feel Christmassy :)

The outside of the apartment^ plain and boring like it is meant to be. We were told to do it in black and white.
Peeping through the window^

Close up^ It looks very blue when the fairy lights are on...
Looking through two of the outside windows^
An overview of the whole room^
Th wardrobe wit her dress hanging on it^ Also her slippers and stillettos.
The dressing table with her perfume and CROWN on it!
I really enjoyed this once I got into it and I was surprised at how quickly I managed to make it, esp the furniture becasue I did the whole thing in almost one day. I am excited to see what the towers will look like tomorrow. I will take pictures.

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Mary said...

That is amazing. I love it. Have you made anymore?

Mary x