Saturday, 3 January 2009

Three Sisters

Another one for 'Conversation Piece.'^

Today Tamsin, Phil and Glyn came round and we took some more photos experimenting with fairylights because I went into my attic the other day and found like five sets!!!

I got electrocuted! It must have been broken fairylight bulb that touched my finger and the two little bits of wire went onto my skin and eectrocuted my finger! I have two black dots and a burn mark there now- all done in a millisecond before I screamed and jumped up. It was weird.

Anyway the photoshoot was fun, we dressed up all gothic with glitter and tiaras and stuff. Phil has the photos. I will have to wait til he puts them up on flickr or something before I can see them.

I only have today to do four more drawings for the project, plus the essay and everything else. Haha I am not going to get it done. I am going shopping today instead :)

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