Wednesday, 4 February 2009


FINALLY!!! We have the internet back in our house!!! :)
means I can update at last! woop
Ok well at the moment we are doing a really scintillating project on the RECESSION. yay! Lots of drawing economy food and boring stuff so I decided to show what the recession is like from students point of view.

To be honest I don't think we are really that affected as students. Maybe the price of bread and milk has gone up and the alcohol in the SU bar (by 40 p!!!) but other than that I havn't felt much change...Anyways I have been doing a visual diary of my day to day life over the past week or so. I want to make it into an a5 book.
Kayley showed us her tatoo kit- all the needles and the machines and stuffon Tuesday. scary scary.^
Then I was happily having a shower on Wednesday morning when there was a POWERCUT!

It didn't come at the best of times cos my hair was still full of conditioner and the water went freezing cold. sigh.
It was weird walking along the road with no street lights though, kind of spooky.
Then the next morning I got my hair coloured for 10 quid! bargain!
We went out that night as well. Student night so it was FREE:)
Antics in the club (not me to clarify lol)^
Sleep costs nothing.
Imagination is free.
Oh yes and I can't believe it was SNOWING yesterday!

Cupcakes and ice cream cones dripping down my collarbones^ (a song I REALLY like)

As you can probably tell all the drawings are pretty doodly. This is because I did not use a pencil at all I just went straight in with the pen. Also why a lot of the bodies are not in proportion and things because I couldn't correct them.


Candy said...

wonderful. just. wonderful.

Victoria Stitch said...

thank you! :D

englishwords said...

what she said! gorgeous drawings. i'm a friend of kayleigh's, by the way, on your course?