Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Fairy Melusina

I had a crit yesterday and Rob seemed to like my book so that was cool. I haven't had a good crit in a while so I was very happy. It is really almost done now. I just need to re do one page and design the front cover and THEN put it all together which I am dreading because I am not good at stuff like that!Mrs Needleskin in the bathroom^ Melusina has been having fun with the bubble bath!This is the scene where Melusina is having a party in her cardboard castle at midnight and all the other banished fairies are coming out to play. See i even drew some tiny chavs!
This is Mr Needleskin inventing in his workshop^ I think the character position looks a little bit stiff but oh well.

I spent a lot of the day today helping out for the CU exhibition tomorrow. I had to paint the boards white and wear one of those massive boiler suits. I am just exhibiting my Death of a Cupcake book again because I can't think of anything else! Oh and I got absolutely SOAKED last night walking home from going out. It was horrible icy rain and I looked like a drowned rat. An emo rat because my eyeliner had run everywhere. My coat was dripping on the back of my door for ages. None of that was very relevant was it? never mind. But ACTUALLY that reminds me! Yesterday my Camille Rose Garcia book came in the post! :) I love her illustrations. I especially like the little blue octopus character with the emo eyes (see theres my link!) I would recommend 'The Magic Bottle' to anyone!
Melusina again^

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Nic Stollery said...

i LOVE your fairy melusina character! havnt seen any of ur work for a while its awsome harriet! Those book illustrations are amazing im so jealous!