Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Fish bone

Ok the most ridiculous thing actually happened today. I got a bone stuck in my throat when I was eating mackerel at lunch today and it really wouldn't come out no matter how much i coughed and ate bread etc. So I rang the Doctors surgery to ask them how I was supposed to get it out and they said go to CASUALTY!!!! for a tiny fish bone!? They said it needs to be checked out incase it makes a hole in my esophagus or windpipe or whatever.

Anyway so I went to the hospital because it was starting to be really irratating and me and Anya sat int the waiting room and there were quite a few rugby players who came in from the UEA with injuries and a little boy who had obviously broken his leg and was complaining at his mum to stop prodding it.

The doctor put one of those sticks on my tongue and made me say ahhhh and then shone a light down my throat and used some fawseps to get the bone out. And then i skipped out of there and had to get a taxi back into town. Altogether the trip to and from the hospital was 16 quid! That's one expensive piece of fish!

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