Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Fairy Melusina

Its been ages but i've been ill for two weeks and now I am drowning in the amount of work i have to do.

Sue told me to fill a whole book of just people and faces for one of my final pieces for the recession project. It's because I really need to work on drawing faces and giving them actual character instead of just identical blank expressions which is what I usually do!

This is one of my favourite ones I did:
it's drawn from a random photograph that I found on deviant art.

Anyway we are doing different projects now. We have three to do in 6 weeks!!! I have written a book and am illustrating it for one of the projects which is quite scary because I literally have SO much work to do. I am painting the second picture for it now. (only the second! eek) It has taken me all day so far and I feel really nervous about how it is going to turn out.

My book involves a tattoo studio and so for research I went to Shades of Grey which is a tattoo studio in Hitchin and asked if I could draw while the guy worked. The lady in there had pink hair! It made me miss having pink hair :(
I think being a tattooist would be quite cool but I would never have the confidence to put a needle in someones skin without being worried about making a mistake.

Theses are designs for the three characters in the story:
This is Mrs Needleskin. She runs the Tattoo parlour with her husband Mr Needleskin (below). They are quite old as you can see but this means that they are very good at their job and people come from far and wide to get tattoos from Mr and Mrs Needleskin.
And THIS is the Fairy called Melusina who lives in a cardboard castle in Mr and Mrs Needlekins attic at the top of their tall creepy house and causes CHAOS.
It's only a kind of rough drawing of her. I want to improve her and obviously make her wings look better and things. Also she will be wearing clothes. I just haven't decided what yet so I didnt draw them.

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