Monday, 30 March 2009

Jeffree Star and Hyperreality

Who's heard of Jeffree Star?I'm having to do a presentation on hyperreality and I am linking it to plastic surgery and body modification. I think it's sad when people go under the knife to try and look like a celebrity who has been photo-shopped and made up to within an inch of their life. They are basing their image on beauty that was never there in the first place and which is an illusion, fake and hyperreal.

I can't really talk because I wont go out of the house without make up on but seriously after watching the programme 'Drastic Plastic' on Thursday it has completely put me off plastic surgery for life! It was the most graphic amd squirm-making programme I have ever seen on that subject!

Anyway I don't know if Jeffree Star has ever had plastic surgery but he is a prime example of a hyperreal person. It's all about the show but to be honest I think he's quite cool. He looks so PLASTIC all the time!'The vanity sanctuary will keep me safe'

Here are some other crazy and maybe more extreme people I have come across whilst researching this subject:

LIZARD MAN! He has his tongue split in half and everything! He has gone as far to have sharpened teeth and a full body tattoo of green scales!

CAT MAN!He has all those piercings in his lip so that he can attach whiskers to them! He also has silicone implants in his cheeks and forehead along with many other modifications. This picture freaks me out a bit!

However the MOST tattoed man in the world is this guy (below) Lucky Diamond Rich who has even had the inside of his ears and his gums tattooed with black ink!It's crazy the lengths some people will go to!I think this woman looks quite beautiful with all the gold hoops around her neck but they must be incredibly restrictive!

And eyeball piercing/tattooing. Need I say more?!


Anna_Kat said...

The lady at bottom, I think this is right, they build up those rings as a sign of dominance/hierarchy, I think if they're removed it can kill them.

Chris said...

That's true. If the woman is supposedly 'unfaithful' or commits some crime, they remove the rings and her spinal cord snaps. Terrible tradition if you ask me.. I don't think the males in the society have anything similar....