Monday, 1 June 2009

Dress Me!

This time last year for a project we had to draw everything we owned! I decided to make a cut out paper doll of myself (kind of- i had pink hair at the time and wore a lot of stripy tights and stockings) and make miniature versions of all my clothes out of paper and material. Then I put velcro on the back of the clothes so that they would stick onto the doll like one of those dress up dolls you can buy. (i love those!)This isn't really what my bedroom looks like by the way^ I wish it did. (minus the spiders) And I wish my legs were really that skinny! haha. I miss having pink hair!I don't actually own that pouffy pink dress either but everything else yes. Things I really should wear more are my black pvc coat (i alwasy forget i have it!), my tutus and my shoes with see through heels. All stuff that just sits in my wardrobe gathering dust at the moment :s

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Jen said...

This is such an awesome project! I love it! I too used to have pink hair ... those were the days!