Wednesday, 3 June 2009


I came back from Dubai 3 days ago. It was awesome there, you can do anything! They even had a ski slope and an aquarium in the mall! I felt really sorry for the seals though, they were in a tiny tank :( Dubai was great but it is also (i realised) a city of exploitation.

Anyway this was my absolutely favourite thing I saw out there. It was a fountain in some mansion villa's front garden round the corner from us. In the night time it was all lit up and so so pretty. I want one in my garden!

Every time we drove back to our villa I asked my mum to slow the car down so I could take a photo of the fountain as we passed it. I did eventually get a picture but there was a man standing outside the house and he saw me take it so then my Dad thought they were following us to find out where we lived (because it's a bit dodgy to take photos of other peoples houses) and so he was like DRIVE DRIVE! And we drove right past our own house to 'put them off the scent' but of course there was no one following us and my mum did a u turn and we went home.

These are the eels that I saw in the aquarium. I absolutely LOVE them! They are so cute! They were all waving about in the sand really tranquilly. I want one as a pet. Eels are one of my favourite animals ever since I read a book about a boy who takes his pet eels to the beach and he buys them all little eel swimming costumes and they all go and have fun at the seaside. But then they get eaten by a shark :s
Below are pictures of the lovely green and orange colour combination kitchen, the hallway and one of the bathrooms. Everything seems to be so ornate in Dubai! There are a lot of patterns and shapes everywhere. I think I am going to do my next project on pattern in nature and how it corresponds to man made patterns.

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