Monday, 31 August 2009

Chavs vandalise Thomas the Tank Engine.

I went to the Banksey exhibition in Bristol recently
Had to get up at five am to get there!
AND queue for FIVE hours!
But it was worth it.
This was my absolute favourite piece in there^

And here's a few more pictures I took...I love that giant ice cream dripping down the van.
Would you stand in the rain for five hours to see a Banksey exhibition?


christina said...

wow! that is amazing stuff! i guess the 5 hours in the rain were worth it. thanks for posting these pics. Banksy's work is really inspiring.

Wildfern said...

I probably don't feel too bad... i think it's worth it too.

pollicino said...

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myquirkyself said...

wow... i like it!

kalonji said...

looks great !

Em-illi said...

Hi, wonderful photos, very funny! And I like your drawings, a lot:)

Gulzar said...

I looooouuuuuuuveee em all!

ps: its love with a u and veeee at the adds more flavor to it! ;)



Viva La Fashion said...

this place look so cool! where is it? (sorry for my lack of knowledge) but i really want to go to this place. :D

Victoria Stitch said...

It was in Bristol but I'm afraid it's finished now!