Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Felt Tip.

I went to my friends graduation party the other day
Saw some people who I havn't spoken to since school
It was good to catch up
This is Harriet^
She looks a bit like a greek goddess.
Kind of a juxtapostition against the bright orange sofa
which I coloured in with a felt tip.
I havn't used a felt tip for years!

This one is my little cousin Ossian^
He was watching tv
and kept fidgeting
which is why his hands came out massive.

I find it hard to get into sketching
But once I've started I can't stop!


James Mayhew said...

Hi Victoria,

thanks for "following" Katie's Picture Show. I love your drawings, full of character. and I was very pleased to see Pookie and Ernest & Celestine on your book list, overlooked classics, both of them.

Good luck with your work. You're very talented!

konstantine said...

i seriously can't get over how amazing you are.

Virginia Palomeque said...

Great Work!!!!
Virginia Palomeque

Carrie said...

I love these! =)