Friday, 14 August 2009


I got back from France last night.I had a very enjoyable time
and it was sunny :)
and we drank violet and banana drinks (not mixed together)
I tried eel. It was chewy.
And saw a lot of boats and ropes and nets and crabs.This is picture of my mother lying on the beach in her lovely flowery swimming costume...
She has no feet. I ran out of paper.Have you ever seen these by the way? I used to eat them all the time in France when I was little.
Cheesy blocks of chemical goodness.
I LOVE them.
And the little pictures they have on the foil wrapper.
I was sad enough to cut the pictures out and stick them to paper with UHU so I could look at them properly.A line of French people^

I also looked at oodles of French picture books.
Kind of ended up buying a couple...
or five.

This one I found in some second hand kind of shop. 'Larguons les Amarres' by Emmanual Cerisier. I like the the black line drawings. And I like pictures of boats and water.Kind of reminds me of Tin Tin for some reason.

(The Bear nobody listened to)
'I have a little problem,' said the bear. 'I think...'
I absolutely LOVE the illustrations by Silke Leffler in this book. (I think it's german originally) The faces on the people and bear are so friendly looking which I think is important in a picture book. I also think the collaging works really well. I especially like the scene in the Doctors surgery:^sticking plaster :)

(Charlotte and the Island of Destiny)
The drawings of the poeple in this book reminds me of the Who's in 'The Grinch.'
I think the way Olivier Lasser has painted the water is beautiful.
I need to learn how to paint water...

(Ernest and Celestine at the Circus)
I HAD to get this because my Dad used to read us an Ernest and Celestine book when we were little in a stupid squeaky voice that used to annoy my sister. I love Gabrielle Vincents illustrations in these books because they are so expressive.Et Finalement...

by Rebecca Dautremer
I think the characters in this book are amazing. I still don't quite understand the story though, I need to translate it properly. Its such a rich colourful book, I was so excited when I saw it on the shelf because it was one that I particularly wanted to find.
I need to stop buying books now.
It's just getting greedy.

A line of people I drew on the ferry^
SO many people were being sick on the ferry.
It was a bit of rough crossing. I have sealegs though so I don't ever get sick on boats. I like it when the sea is bouncy and rough.

Some people at a table. ^ I think they saw me drawing them.

The arcade machine things on the ferry^

A french shop^

another french shop^

A french door and some cheeeese^

French beach huts! ^

And a french bar^
au revoir!


Lee Beth said...

I love these pictures! said...

You found some stunning picture books! I'm very jealous! And I love your illustrations too... so glad to have found your blog.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's awesome... and I love the drawings! Did you do some of them?

lauren marina said...

these are super good lil observations, what kind of pen are you using? looks like youre having a peachy summer! xox

Victoria Stitch said...

thank you! Yeah I did the black and white line drawings and lauren I was using a 0.1 black pen, you get get them in the school shop, hope you're having a good summer too! :) xx

Darryl Clifton said...


some of these drawings are really captivating, your immediate drawing has real energy and the level of observation is impressive. Think that you would do well to have a look at Paul Hogarth if you have not done so already. You should also look at Christopher Corr/Saul Steinberg/Samuel Palmer. Looking forward to seeing more in October.