Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bucket List

Carrie over at carrotspeak inspired me to write this bucket list. I've never done this before. It's basically a list of goals... (mainly small selfish ones) I'll keep it short!

1- To get my series of books published. Eventually.
2- Move to London! if only for a short while.
3-Design my tattoo even though I'm never gonna have the guts to get it done!
4-Buy super sparkly diamond encrusted high high heels like the ones that I saw in Dubai! (they were WAY too expensive though!)
5-Run round in stupid costumes taking pictures in every photobooth somewhere
6- Invent or go to a club that has a carousel in it and glitter raining from the ceiling with black and white stripy walls and chandeliers.
7-One day to save up enough glitter to fill a bath so I can just sit in it :)
(yeah a bit pointless though)
8-Read the whole Bible
9- More butterflies and adrenalin rushes!
10-Go on Big Brother- this one I'm debating.

and I digress... OK I think that will do!

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