Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fish and Carpets

We went to the sailing club one day in Dubai and there was this massive poster with all these fish on it. Some of them were really weird looking, stripy, spotty, spiky, scaly... I drew a few:I never realised before that there are sharks in the sea over there!

I drew this on the plane on the back of a Costa bag. Costa does THE best frapuccinos, you know those blended ice drinks? Maybe they're called Frescatos I don't know. Anyway after tasting the Cafe Nero and Starbucks ones many times this summer, Costa definitely wins hands down! Anyway this isn't supposed to be a review. These are people with carpets on their heads:And finally! This is my last post on my adventures in Dubai. I've run out of pictures to put up drawn on random pieces of paper and leaflets that I've picked up. It's back to drawing on plain white paper again!

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Emma Mc Morrow said...

i absolutely love that little brief you set yourself to draw on different surfaces :D really great work! Nice on on getting to see that Banksy exhibition btw- some mates of mine from Ireland travelled especially to Bristol for it x