Monday, 21 September 2009

I DO believe in fairies!

Londonnn baby!
One of my favourite places to be
so busy and inspiring

A few weeks ago me and my good friend Bruno went to see Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.
Peter Pan is my all time favourite book/film!
So I was extremely excited.

Me and Bruno drew each other on the tube.
A random man randomly judged our pictures.
This is my picture of Bruno:Peter Pan was AMAZING!
If you havn't seen it you must!!
It's going to hit the O2 soon I think.

Anyway. Tinkerbell was wearing a PINK TUTU and had FAIRYLIGHTS in her hair!She was played by Itxaso Moreno and was absolutely perfect for it! She was very fiesty and rude and funny but also quite cute.
How Tinkerbell is meant to be.
It's a shame you can't really see the lights in her hair in the picture.
They were so cool.

This is a Starbucks in London......where we had coffee suprisingly enough.

On the subject of plays and films I saw Dorian Gray last night.
Has anyone else seen it?
What did you think of it?

I found it quite scary but it was one of those films I found my self thinking about all next day.
Really dark, and I didn't like it WHILE I was watching it but looking back on it I think it was a good film.
Interesting, disturbing, gothic.


Anonymous said...

I read the book, which is beautifully written, a bit creepy and highly recommended. Not very often that I have both liked and hated a fictional character quite so much as I did Dorian Gray.

Pease Porridge said...

The Peter Pan show looks amazing. I love all of your sketches. I will have to look up that movie you speak of. I also found your Dubai posts very interesting.


DJ Axiom said...

I took a friend to see this and she absolutely loved it too, although she is almost a spitting image of you XD

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Your illustrations are brilliant ... you will become a book illustrator for sure.

I was reading your post of your bucket list. Cool list: A bath full of glitter, exquisite. Of course you better hurry if you want to do Big Brother. :)

Rose Red said...

How fun, I love Peter Pan. Your drawing is great. That is a talent I wish I had.


Victoria Stitch said...

thankyou :)