Sunday, 13 September 2009

Red Lipstick and Chandeliers

I flew on Emirates to Dubai last week.
They were amazing!
SO many channels on the TV
I got to watch Beetlejuice and listen to dolphin music.
AND they had tetris!
I did loads of drawing too:The air hostesses had BRIGHT, SHINY red lipstick-
I could almost see my reflection in it.
Everything else was beige.
even the bits of paper on the food trays (see below)
which also had a really weird texture
like velvet
I drew these from a magazine
The amount of things to draw when you're sitting facing the back of another seat is slightly limited.
I love middle eastern design, it's so intricate and detailed!
I always find Dubai such an inspiration when I go there.
Even the pillars at the airport are glittery!


nikimalta said...

this is so intricate- love that you're experimenting with the papers

Carrie said...

Gorgeous! :)