Monday, 14 September 2009

Underwater swimming

We did a lot of swimming in Dubai
it's hard to actually do any excersise in the pool though
because the water is SO warm!
Like a bath.
You end up just flopping about in it.
I drew these on some blue plastic bags with a permanent pen
I like the way the scanner made the writing on the back of the 'page' shine through.

There's no time left for outdoor swimming in England now!
Too cold!
I don't mind though, I like autumn and winter.
I like wearing tights and boots and scarfs
I like fireworks night and Halloween and CHRISTMAS!
Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year!
But let's not wish the time away!


Dalal said...

Wow that's really cool drawing on a plastic bag... never thought of it before. Great drawing

- DM

Anonymous said...

That's so creative!

Missy said...

Great drawings!

Designer bags for less: