Friday, 9 October 2009

Five Tiered Pink Cake

I think it's very important to draw things from life, especially cake! (Then you can eat it afterwards!) I wanted to draw a cake house, so me and my housemate went to Tescos and bought a few of those 79p sponge cakes and some butter and icing sugar and silver balls and food colouring and liqourice allsorts and swiss roll and mini swiss rolls and created this:Five tiered pink cake! Fit for a cake lady to live in. I'm gonna paint a picture of it and then everyone can EAT it!


Anonymous said...

Are you going to eat the real thing?

Victoria Stitch said...

haha yeah, the actual cake not the drawing! Maybe I didn't phrase that very well!

Rachel said...

Ah, drawing cake is the best. Can't believe you made that! Crazy.