Monday, 9 November 2009

Rag Boy

I've been working on character design for my kids book that I am illustrating at the moment. I don't really want to write too much about it because ultimately I want to get it published (I've been working on it for three years now! It's my baby!) This is why I haven't updated much lately because I'm wary about putting it on the internet. Here's a teeny tiny sneak preview of the first draft for one of the characters: On Sunday I went to Starbucks in Norwich and sat at the bar thing at the window where you can see all the people sitting outside. Had to draw them quite quickly because they kept moving and leaving. Here are my top three favourite looking people that I saw:
I love deep deep brackets, wish I had them:
This guys friend left a WHOLE peach and pomegranite frapucino on the table:
It's weird, these people will never know they're immortalized on paper from that morning. It's like photography, I always wonder how many random tourist photographs that I'm in the background of without knowing.

Me and my friend Bruno (who does 3d animation) are going to make a book about a little rag boy who goes on some kind of adventure round London. We havn't quite decided on the story yet. This is a really quick first sketch I did of the little rag boy while we were talking about ideas over msn:
I really like the colours orange and black together at the moment. It's probably something to do with Halloween just gone and all those pumpkins!
This^ was my favourite carved pumpkin I saw this year! (by Rebecca Poole) Cat shapes are cool. I love them.


Stephanie said...

Seeing those drawings from your Starbucks visit, reminded me of the times I used to draw people at random at a very young age. They are wonderful! I love your drawing for your book. Good luck in finishing it. Did I tell you I love your work!!

Victoria Stitch said...

thankyou so much :)