Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dripping Glitter

This is my favourite illustration I did of this character (looks a lot better if you click on it).  She has black line around her this time,  I was experimenting with black line/no black line as usual.  

I would so dearly love to be able to make my hair do that but I don't have enough of it yet.  I think I would need to be at least waist length to make that work.   I have always wanted hair down to my feet actually.  I'm growing it at the moment.  Heres hoping!

Now she's angry.  ^  She can be quite fierce when she's cross. In fact she can get quite... murderous.  I wouldn't want to cross her in this mood!

This by the way is what I am coveting at the moment.  This sparkling, rainbow dripping with gems necklace.  I detour by the shop it's in every day so that I can look at it in the window.  It makes my mouth water.
It's designed by Butler and Wilson who make the best jewellery ever!  I have a tiara by them and its my favourite thing to wear!  Are you a fan of this?  My housemate would say "it looks like Barbie's been sick on it," because that is what she said about my tiara. But I think the glitterier the better!


BCollins said...

I love it !

BCollins said...

i love it! you will become the glitter cupcake queen :P

Anonymous said...

I love the top picture; you've captured the posture brilliantly.

Victoria Stitch said...

thankyou :)

Jack Foster said...

Hey Victoria! Your character design is great! I have experimented with outline/no outline myself. Still not sure. Wow now that necklace is some serious....BLING!

PecOsa said...

you draw beautifully! i love your drawings ^^ i post my drawings on my blog too

bye! :)