Friday, 19 February 2010

Princess Terribelle and the Wellington Boot

I got this in the post yesterday, found it on amazon for 1p or something.  I used to read it a lot when I was little but don't know where my copy of the book went.

It made me so happy to read it again!  (It used to be one of my favourite books.)

The story is about Princess Terribelle who was mostly very good but sometimes she was bad.  She lives in a Palace and sleeps every night on fourteen mattresses and five pillows.  One day she gets taken for tea with the Duchess and her daughter Arabel. 
Arabel has lots of dolls and Princess Terribelle becomes obsessed with this tiny pair wellington boots that she finds among the doll clothes.  She loves them so much that she slips one of them into her pocket and takes it home.
But Princess Terribelle feels a little bit guilty and she also discovers that it's not so much fun playing with just one boot.
Anyway then one day Arabel come round for tea and Princess Terribelle hides the little wellington boot, hoping that Arabel has forgotten about it.  At the end of the evening Arabel slips a package to Terribelle and inside it is the other boot.  Then they become best of friends and all is happy and wonderful and Terribelle never bosses Arabel about again. The end.

I think I used to love it so much because I was also obsessed with tiny things.  I think I liked the way Princess Terribelle imagined that the boots were fairy boots. I remember writing tiny letters and putting them in the garden for the fairies when I was small. And totally believing a fairy would find them!
Right now my life is tartan royalty, glitterlashes, drinking raspberry tea, wearing tiaras round the house, drawing chandeliers and red nail varnish.

I'm working on the pages of my kids book at the moment and it's HARD. Hard to wake up with motivation for it every day, especially as we had a crit the other day and the tutors just pulled it all apart.  But just gotta keep going! I might post some images from it soon though. I'd post one now but it's all pink and would clash with this red-orientated post.  

Til next time! x


PecOsa said...

nice story^^, i hadn´t heard about it


Devon said...

Cute blog! x

Winnie said...

Pretty illustrations in it too! So lovely.

BCollins said...

i read that book when i was younger, loved it. don't know if i still have mine,

sherry crossland said...

Sorry more people didn't get a chance to read this wonderful story. The illustrations are adorable! I reccomend it to every girl.

Thank you for highlighting it!

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