Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I still haven't been to see Alice in Wonderland.  I will get round to it at some point but I was actually more excited about Camille Rose Garcia's illustrated version of the book coming out a couple of weeks ago.  It arrived the other day and did not disappoint! This book is well worth having a look at.  The technicolor mixed together with the gothic style of drawings gives a completely different visual take on any other illustrated copy of the story I have seen before!

While we are on the subject of Alice in Wonderland I thought I would post up some Alice in Wonderland inspired photos that I did a couple of years ago:
(I'm sure they look very amateurish now but it was such a fun shoot to do!)
I am juggling third year work with everything else at the moment and working on my childrens book which is why I haven't posted anything new lately.  Also it was my birthday, and obviously I had to take time out for that! Covered the floor in sequins and made cupcakes with edible glitter.  We went dancing.


Nina E Jørgensen said...

Hey! I like your blog! And nice photos, they did look like fun to make! I havent been to see alice in wonderland yet but i am going tomorrow and I am quite excited! That illustrated book looks good though

Jatzu said...

I didn't think that you still had those photos LOL, they bring back memories, some very fond sparkling tall memories. . . it was weird wearing your boots, and the book cover that you've shown in this post, I thought that you had done it cause it's very similar to your style of drawing =D

Stephanie said...

Great photos!!! Happy Belated Birthday!

trishie said...

Interesting gothic photos of alice in wonderland, never seen anything like that before.
Happy belated birthday dear!

A-M Ivstedt said...

Oh its Adam in the photos, r u guys in the same year?

Victoria Stitch said...

yes we are! we are housemates too. do you know eachother then? small world!