Saturday, 29 May 2010

Girls are Weird

I first discovered this book three years ago on a visit to the Tate Modern in London.  With it's scratchy biro-esque drawings and juxtaposed imagery, along with the cute and quirky story, it has become one of my favourite books I own.

Written half in Spanish(?) and half in English it follows the tea-time conversation of a self indulgent girl and her teddybear.
'You girls are very weird,' the teddybear starts to explain. 'The way you dress, for example, do you honestly think the strange clothes that fill your closet are normal?'
'Those striped stockings...  Those bows...  Those hats...  Those shiny shoes...  Those spot skirts...'
'And there's more.  How many people do you know who live inside a boot with a fat, one eyed cat?'
'...Who's home is decorated like a fairytale castle...'

And so the bear continues, very pleased with himself.  He mentions the poisonous toadstools in her garden, the way she likes to set her dolls house on fire, her penchant for picnics in the Pain Forest and so on and so on.

Eventually the girl replies 'I can assure you that the one who would lose out if I changed my ways would be you; do you really think that one of those girls you call 'normal' would have such a crabby, grumpy teddybear for tea?'

I think that this is such a charming little book and I just wanted to share it.  But I've never seen it anywhere else other than in the Tate in London.  However you can purchase it here if you so wish!


Winnie said...

The illustrations are really lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

Stephanie said...

I like the illustrations as well.