Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's good to be Queen

I love them. 
More than a lot of things. 
The bigger and velvetier and glitterier the better!  
I also love drawing them.
If I was Queen...
I'd wear the silver and red crown to breakfast,
(which would be scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast)
I'd wear the green crown whilst in my palace gardens,
I'd wear the gold and red crown whilst walking the corgis,
I'd wear the purple crown for state occasions,
and the pink one in bed. 

Which crown would you pick to wear?


Stephanie said...

I love them all but since you asked which I would wear. It would be a either the royal blue or the green one.

Love your creative details of your crowns. :-))

Nina E Jørgensen said...

I like the one next to the last one!

Karumen said...

these are all lovely! i wish i can wear all of them (can't pick just one!)

amba said...

if I was a queen... hummm... It would do crowns with my own hair, real sculptures, with many fresh flowers! :D