Thursday, 21 October 2010

Create a Castle!

I've been quite obsessed with anything palace or castle related recently.  There's something so regal and magic about a building that is adorned with turrets, twirly gates or stone gargoyles.

I've been going around Cambridge lately looking at all the fancy college buildings, (which are breathtaking and I can't believe they are student residences!) taking out the castle-y elements and drawing them.  I thought I'd post a few of my sketchings here.
This^ is a doorway inside one of the Cambridge colleges.  I think it was St Johns.

And a photo (I can't remember the name of this college):
 It must be so nice to live in a place like this at university!  It reminds me almost of a stately home kind of place. It's so decadent!

I've found buildings such as churches and cathedrals are also useful.  The stone archways and heavy wooden doors could easily be mistaken for palace architecture if put in a different context.

I'm not very used to drawing in pencil actually.  I usually favour thin pen line drawings but I've been trying to get more depth into my pictures lately. Working on location I think that sometimes pencil can be easier to use anyway.
And finally for today, my favourite swirly twirly gate that I have seen in Cambridge so far...

I think/hope that if I put all these elements together then I could use them to create a huge and intricate palace of my own!


migue said...

i really like castles too!
i used to draw them when i was a child, and now too...:)

Stephanie said...

I love castles too! Sorry I have been behind in posting on your blog. Life is getting busier now that we have joined a local camera club and the gallery is keeping me busy trying to create new photos and currently working on a painting. I love your work as always. Can I buy your book at Chapters or Amazon?

ERIN said...

I have never posted so I decided I would, although not sure what to write oh yeah loving your work glitter queen, is the castle going to have this new character you were telling us about? love ya xx