Saturday, 9 October 2010


This summer I visited Istanbul with my family and I thought I'd share some of my tip top favourite things about it with you!

1.  Firstly and most importantly (to me) was Topkapi Palace.
It was so enormously inspiring.  Every wall was an intricate mosaic pattern.

There were arches and a courtyard and a very fancy looking old fashioned bathroom.  There were chandeliers and extravagant gold mirrors and a room of crown jewels. 

(The Crown Jewels were my favourite part)

Among them was an eighty six carat diamond,
an intricate gold and jewelled knife,

and a box of massive emeralds.  It was quite breathtaking!
2.  Another thing I liked about Istanbul were the shops and the bazaar.  There was so much to buy!  A lot of pottery decorated with whirling dirvishes and little blue eyes embedded in everything which is known to be Turkey's good luck charm.

There were teas of every flavour imaginable,  multicoloured hanging lamps and piles of turkish delight round every corner.  There were shops full of shoes and shops full of silverware, shops full of bags, clothes, hats, spices... It went on forever!

3.  My favourite shops though were the ones which had trays of jewels in the windows.  Amethysts and imitation rubies, green, blue, yellow, orange.  Obviously they are intended for putting in rings and bracelets or necklaces.  But they looked so pretty all laid out in the trays. 

^some stunning jewellery I saw.

If you ever get a chance to go to Istanbul I would definitely recommend it!  There's so much to see and do and it's such a lively and inspiring place.

Where's your favourite holiday destination?


Jessie said...

Every picture a feast for the eyes! Ohmygod I'm in love with those jewels! I love your illustration at the top too, especially her hair! My daughter's just put together an outfit for Halloween that is almost the same!xx

KindredSpirit said...

oh wow, i think i need to go to Istanbul! Great photos. Thanks got sharing!