Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ottoline at Sea

I'm sure that by now you will have heard of the 'Ottoline' books by Chris Riddell.  If not then you should definitely investigate.  They're brilliant!

I've just finished reading 'Ottoline at Sea,' and everything about it from the way the book feels and looks, down to the pair of 'bog goggles' tucked inside the front cover, was just fantastic!  It's quirky and funny and eccentric.

The story revolves around Ottoline and her best friend Mr Munroe who mysteriously goes missing one day.  Ottoline, with the help of the bear from the laundry room go on an expedition to Norway to find him.  On the way they meet a whole host of extraordinary characters including a tall thin woman with green hair called Minty Woodvine. (she was my favourite)

These books are aimed at early readers but really I think anyone could enjoy them! And of course the illustrations are spellbinding.  Definitely books to treasure.
P.S Talking of books, if you have a taste for something more grown up then my boyfriend has just self published a collection of short stories which are brilliant too! 
She plucked a tangle of hair from the brush's plastic spines and nonchalantly let it fall from outstretched fingers into the bin. The previous night's nail-varnish, chipped in places, still clung to her nails. She was beautiful; he was her audience.”
This is the first collection of short, short-short and long-short stories by H. Benjamin Petrie, looking at what happens when two people come together. Boy meets girl? Something like that. Try them for yourself. Sit back. Sit motionlessly. Read. Let the world become very far away. (Read some of the stories at The content of some of these stories is not recommended for people under the age of 15.)

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