Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Buckingham Palace

I've been quite obsessed with Castles and Palaces lately as you can probably tell.  This is why when the state rooms were open at Buckingham Palace this summer/autumn I just had to go!

It was a rainy cold day and as we approached the Palace we noticed that there were lots and lots of people milling around outside.  It soon became apparent that this was because it was time for the changing of the guards.  So we hung around to watch.  They were all wearing their grey overcoats because of the rain.

I did this drawing:
After waiting a good forty five minutes in a queue we eventually got inside the Palace.  It was pretty spectacular.  Everything was red and gold, sumptuous and luxurious.  I couldn't imagine what it must be like to live there!  It gave me some great ideas and was definitely inspiring.  I am learning more and more how important it is to feed the imagination and not expect it to work in a vacuum.
 Throne room^  (I have to admit, I did expect the actual thrones to be a bit more impressive looking.)
After seeing the Palace we went to look at the royal stables.  They have a proper name but I can't remember it right now.  This is where we saw these amazing royal coaches like this gold one here:
It reminds me of something from a fairytale!

After being blown away by all this splendour and beauty we went to the gift shop and I found the nicest advent calendar:
And which is why I thought in a roundabout way this Buckingam Palace post would be appropriate for today!


Sian-Louise said...

Would 'Royal Mews' be the name of the Royal Stables? I went to Buckingham Palace recently too and it is absolutely amazing! :)

Victoria Stitch said...

yes the royal mews! thanks!

Stephanie said...

Lots of gold and red indeed. Like your rendition of the guards, very nice. Thanks for the tour through your eyes.