Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Poppy Picklesticks

I've recently been churning my way through books written by Philip Ridley.  Kasper in the Glitter, Vinegar Street and Scribbleboy are the three most recent.  I just think that he is a fantastic, imaginative and unusual writer and wanted to share this picture with you from one of his books.  It's drawn by Stephen Lee and is of a character called Poppy Picklesticks from the book 'Vinegar Street.'  I love her gothic style!

However, Kasper in the Glitter is my favourite out of the three books.  It works as a kind of urban fairytale and is full of eccentric characters and quirky imagery.  There is Kasper Whiskey who always wears yellow and makes a lot of banoffee pies.  He makes them for his mother, Pumpkin, who always calls him 'honey' and only cares about being sparkling.  They live alone, far away from the city.  But the arrival of a boy called Heartthrob Mink changes Kasper's life forever, taking him to The City and the enticing world of King Streetwise...

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