Friday, 17 December 2010

Pookie Believes in Santa Claus

Pookie Believes in Santa Claus
Pookie again!  I've blogged about him so many times but that's because he really is one of my favourite children's book characters ever!  And he's going to get a post all to himself! Pookie Believes in Santa Claus is a warm, sweet and atmospheric christmas story about a little white rabbit with wings who suddenly finds himself doubting his belief in the round jolly bearded fellow.
Pookie lives with Belinda the woodcutters daughter in a forest full of elves, fairies, goblins and animals who talk.  It is Christmas Eve and Pookie is having tea by the fire with Belinda when he starts worrying.

''Do you think... Do you really believe in Santa Claus?'

'Why of course I believe in Santa Claus!  At least i think I do... Yes I'm sure I do.'  replies Belinda

Pookie is not convinced by her answer and continues to ask all his other friends the same question.  They all give the same awkward answers.
Pookie feels very sad about this and so on Christmas Eve he doesn't sleep.  'Alone under the stars, he kept watch.  'If Santa Claus Comes then i'll see him!' Then, in the distance, he hears the sound of sleigh bells.  'The drumming of hooves on the snow and the thundering rush of a sleigh!'

It is of course the man himself!  Santa Claus! But there is something wrong.  Santa is unhappy that no one is believing in him anymore.  So Pookie begins on a mission to make everyone believe again!
Pookie Belives in Santa Claus is a totally charming Christmas story which is sure to make you feel festive this season!

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Jessie said...

Wow those illustrations are magical aren't they? Very christmassy feel to it! Thanks for sharing. :)xx