Sunday, 29 May 2011

Black Cats and Cut-out Characters


Ok so first some delighting news. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I got highly commended in the Macmillan Children's Book prize competition for my 'Casper and Jasper'/Rainbow Dad entry!  So I was extremely chuffed about that and got to go to the private view of the highly commended and winners work in Foyles in London which was exciting if a little daunting.  So thanks Cas and Jas! You did me proud!  Still, I'm kind of glad all that's over now and they can (finally) take a back seat.  I feel it's time to work on something else.

bye bye Casper and Jasper!

Now these past couple of weeks I have been doing work experience at Egmont publishing house in London.  I felt like a proper business person getting up at half six and hopping on the commuter train along with all the other business people.  It almost made me want to get an office job.  Almost.  The commute at the end of the day was not fun though.  Forty five minutes on the tube crammed into the carriage like a sardine in a tin was something I could have quite happily bypassed.  Sometimes, actually quite often, I wish I could apparate like in Harry Potter.

Anywho the work experience was worth the tube train ride.  It was very interesting and fun and they were all so nice there!  I mainly worked with the design team and I loved seeing how children's books are created from a publishers point of view.  There are so many things that go into making books that I had never realised before!

Also lately I have been practicing more with 3d illustrations, making little figures and putting them in places.  I havn't done a lot, most of my time has been spent doing work experience of course, but here are a few little random snapshots, nothing finished or anything, just pictures of the models really.

I like working this way.  I find it very absorbing but then I've always had a fascination for making tiny things.  This is also me working in a looser style with a dip pen, kind of similar to the way in which I did Casper and Jasper.  It's also me practising drawing children. I don't really know where my work's going at the moment to be honest.  It seems to be going down a road of it's own!

I like the bat boy best.

Also I finally have an etsy shop!  Though it is completely empty at the moment!  I need to work out how to actually list things on there.  I shall let you know when it is open for business should you have a penchant for paintings of fairy cakes or magical black cats...
To all my readers, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and here's to a sparkling and glittertastic week starting tomorrow!

'Til next time x


Polly said...

Ooh excellent, you have etsy. I have a very strong feeling I will be buying things from you in future!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Hello. Just a note to say those 3d illustrations are a really interesting idea, especially the Bat Boy and the tiny book. Imagine a picture book with characters you could take out and play with, plus a tiny book that was the same as the big one!

Plushpussycat said...

Love these little vignettes and your black cat character--so cute! Glad I found your blog today!