Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rainbow Dad

So a few weeks ago I realised that it was almost that time of year again when the Macmillan Prize comes around.  Being on my MA and still technically a student I thought I may as well give it a go seeing as it's probably my last chance.

So the past couple of weeks or so I have been working on creating some final images for the book I posted about a while ago about the little boy and his eccentric father.

I'm not terribly passionate about the story to be honest and I was quite ready to leave this project behind a good four weeks ago and concentrate on my dissertation but for some reason it sticks to me like a magnet and I find myself spending all my time working on it and tweaking it.  Such is life.

So anyway, I just about have four spreads ready for the Macmillan Prize now and I'm pretty pleased with them if I say so myself.  And by now I'll admit that I have grown quite fond of the characters after all this time!  An awful lot of work went into them.  I know the little boy still needs some work  (drawing kids is not my strength)  but I really like how the Dad came out!

This is my second time using the 3d cut out paper technique.  I enjoy it so much.  I get really absorbed in making all the little sets.  The only problem is that I don't have a great camera to take the photos with however I was lucky because a man called David Austin who does have a great camera came and photographed them for me.

The other thing about these illustrations is that because I had so little time to make them in I had to be not too neat about the drawings.  Usually I am quite laborious in the way that I draw but this time I really had to make myself loosen up.  I found using a dip pen helped with this.  You can't be too neat with a dip pen because the line is so unreliable.  I actually quite like this looser style of drawing. (and I also like that it took half the time!)

Doing the night scenes was fun because I loved making the sparkly star effect using lamps.  None of these illustrations are photoshopped or digitally enhanced by the way.  (well apart from where the writing is put on)
I think forcing myself to illustrate this story has been a real learning curve.  I hope so anyway!  I definitely feel as though I've progressed in some way, or at least taken a direction that I don't think I would have otherwise.

So that's what I've been working hard on these past weeks!  Also my dissertation which I can not WAIT to finish!

Other things that have occupied me this month have been the Royal Wedding, which was majestic and beautiful.  We watched it on the television and then had a street party which my mum made the bunting for.  It was such a nice day.

These (above) are some of my tiny miniature crowns that I have. I love them and thought the Royal Wedding merited a photograph of them.  I like to put them on my fingertips and wiggle them around but soon (when I finally get around to completing it) they will be displayed in my castle.

Also something which I forgot to mention before was that I went to the Bologna Children's book fair in March/April which was a really eye opening experience.  So. Many. Books!  It was nice to see the european children's book market which was not nearly so commercialised as the English one.  The whole thing was just crazy! And huuuge!  And I got to speak to publishers which was great.

So that's about all for now.  I need to get on with this dastardly dissertation haha. x


Bruno Collins said...

i adore these pictures harriet

Bruno Collins said...

i adore these pictures harriet

Anna Brinded said...

Your new book looks amazing Harriet! All the best when entering Macmillan, you deserve it loads and loads.

Anne said...

Love the illustrations in rainbow Dad...Good luck xxx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant illustrations, I love the way you've used a lamp to create the stars and moon :)

Jessie said...

I think your illustrations for the book look great! They have a unique style of their own which is almost impossible these days isn't it? I think it's because the people and objects are hand made rather than photoshopped into place. Good luck with your dissertation!xx

Benedict Mayer said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! I really love this technique, and I think the looser style really works for you! Good luck with Macmillan, I reckon you're a shoe-in!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Good luck with this. The images are great (and I think you are better at drawing kids than you think you are).

Vicki Smith said...

Oh my! I love these 3D illustrations and I'm glad to have discovered your blog. Thanks for visiting mine and commenting.

Stephanie said...

Your illustrations are excellent.
Best of luck in entering the Macmillan!

Nic Stollery said...

i love these! can totally see why you'd loose yourself in crafting the mini sets, theyr so sweet, time you spent has definatly paid off. really love this different style f drawing and the 3D sets, even though i still love your other work! Just realy really lovely x :)

Claire said...

Gosh what utterly beautiful illustrations, I'd buy the book just so I could gaze at them all day.


Serena J K said...

lovely Harriet, GOOD LUCK!! xxx