Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Chocolate Bats and Furry Dolphins

 I love drawing bats, I love their wings and their little furry faces. And I wish I had a bat costume like this one^  Or a unicorn costume like the one my little cousin has with wings and a horn. And a pet bat and bat wallpaper and bat patterned clothes and some bat hairclips. 
Actually in real real life I don't think they are quite this adorable but in my head they are.

Also I want to show off about his cake I made for my friend at the weekend.  She loves dolphins and so I thought what could be better than chocolate dolphins dipping and diving into a chocolate pool?  I made the dolphins by making dolphin shaped biscuits using a template I drew and then covering them in chocolate with silver balls for their eyes. She loved it.


TanyaJayne said...

Aaaah, I love the bat costume. xx

Stephanie said...

Compared to real bats, yours is a lot cuter!