Friday, 24 June 2011


I just got back from being in Wales for two weeks.  Henry and I actually cycled down there.  We had to take two trains and cycle across London from Kings Cross to Paddington.  I've never cycled in London before that.  It got a little bit hairy in parts but I survived!

Wales was so beautiful.  We saw sheep and lots and lots of cows.  We did surfing, canoeing (scary), sailing, cliff walking, kite flying, rock rool dabbling and lots and lots of chocolate eating! My favourite thing we did was go on a boat trip round an island to see the puffins.  I'm not too bothered about puffins but I love seals! And we saw plenty of those. I also love boat trips.  After we did that we had a picnic on the headland and it was seriously one of the nicest, most picturesque places I have ever had the fortune to eat a picnic!

My dog was in heaven!  He's already tried to run away twice since we got back home.  Don't think he's too happy about being back.  Will have to give him lots of walks to compensate!
As you can probably tell, absolutely no drawing got done whatsoever these past two weeks but I did write over 4000 words of my new book.  So I wasn't completely lazy.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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