Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pink Hair!

I'm one of those compulsive and obsessive people who when I decide I like something I don't just like it in moderation, really REALLY like it!  I was looking through some old pictures on my computer this morning, looking at old drawings etc and it reminded me of a time when I developed an obsession with having pink hair.  I really really wanted pink hair, I would dream of having pink hair and envy girls on myspace who had pink hair and imagine what sort of clothes I would wear if I had pink hair but for a long time I didn't dare to do it.  As a result of this any character I drew or wrote about inevitably had pink candyfloss hair instead!

(excuse the unsophisticated-ness of a lot of these drawings, some of them are even pre university!)

Pink-haired fairy in a teacup:
Old Victoria Stitch Character designs:
Pink-haired fairy perched on a cake:
A drawing for a friend:
Another pre-university drawing (I actually quite like the collage aspects of this one):
 Pink-haired girl:
... and so they go on.  (This is just a small selection!) I find it interesting to look back and remember the things that interested me at different times of my life.

Funnily enough though, the thing that cured my pink hair obsession was going ahead and actually dying it!
While I had it I loved it!  it was fun and I liked the attention but after about six months I started to get a bit 'pinked out.'  Every time I looked in the mirror it was pink pink pink! My clothes were pink, my make up was pink, my drawings were pink...
 ...And eventually the idea of having pink hair began to lose its appeal.  I stopped drawing pink haired characters and stopped bothering to do my roots and after a while, dyed it back to brown again.   I felt like I'd had my fill of candy coloured locks!

Since then the pink-haired characters have become few and far between (apart from Countess Amelia Buttonsponge of course) I still draw them occasionally, but much more in moderation now!   

(Though hot pink is still one of my favourite colours!)
So yes, this might seem like a bit of a random post but that was what was going through my head as I was looking through all my old drawings this morning!  Thought I'd share!   

Oh and for the record I still love looking at other peoples pink hair!  It was just too much seeing it on my own head every day! (plus I hated the maintenance, I'm lazy)

Happy Midnight! (it's midnight here right now!)


Stephanie said...

They are wonderful creations! Pink suits the figures. I am not fond of pink myself but it did suit you very well.

Sarah Dickson said...

lovely drawings and your pink hair really suited you. whenever I dye my hair pink I never keep it for long, I love it it so much on other people but I dont think it suits me at all. still im sure I'll do it again at some point hehe.

Mai Kemble said...

I have also had such an obsession with blue...

but these are great... :) just go with whatever fancies you may have and see how wonderful the results!

Nina Jørgensen said...

Ahh I completely understand!!! I had green hair for a while but also stopped!! Nice drawings though, love the first one!