Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sugarcube Castle

I know I've blogged about this before but it was a long time ago and at a time when I had hardly any followers!  So I thought I'd whip it out again.  I feel like it's one of my greatest achievements, making a castle out of sugar...

Also I (shamefully) have no new illustrations to post at the moment.  I have taken it upon myself to try and write a book this summer (why?!) and now I'm addicted to writing it and have no time for drawing (which is bad I know as I'm in the middle of my MA course) but I keep telling myself I'll finish it soon and then do a load of drawing before september!

This castle was for a project I did on my foundation course about four years ago- wow time goes so fast!  I can't even remember what the theme for the project was now but I can remember building this in the studio at uni and trying to transport it home in the car in a box with the seatbelt strapped round it.  It didn't work, the whole thing fell apart and I had to re build it again at home.

There were actually a load of other photos that went with this project that had drawings of a witch having tea and a crow flying into the castle and ruining everything.  That's why there's a picture of an upset teapot and cups and hundreds of thousands all over the floor.  The crow did it!

So yeah, that's my sugarcube castle!

Also don't forget to enter my give away! It ends on Friday!  There is a Victoria Stitch book to be won!


Shirley said...

What an awesome castle! I wish you well with your writing!! : )

Lily said...

Hello there, I am a large fan of your blog. It seems we have a lot on common. I also like:
Cupcakes, glitter, fairies, snowflakes, barbies, storybook witches, magic, tutus, butterflies, carousels, unicorns, teaparties, red and white spotted mushrooms, christmas, mermaids, baby pink, rainbows…
I love Peter Pan and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Flara said...

Hey Victoria:)))
I've just discovered your blog and I'm thrilled! You are incredibly talented!! you have an incredible imagination, which combined with an excellent draw and construction technique provides perfect results!
Your work reminds me of some drawings by Tim Burton. You are excellent at what you do, I'm your new fan
keep creative:))

Jessie said...

I love your sugar cube castle! It's an amazing idea and a project could revisit once your book work is over! I love the title and the wonderful glacier atmosphere. Oh and congrats to polly for winning the giveaway. :) xx

Claire said...

Hello dear follower,

I have to say that sugercube castle is AWESOME. I want one!

I just wanted to pop by and say that I'm still on the web, albeit in slightly altered form and purpose...


Pop by to say hi and all will become clear!


indira lakhsmita said...

i love the teapot :)

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

this is awesome!