Saturday, 3 December 2011

A few things...

Time has been flying by so fast!  I can't believe that I am almost at the end of my masters.  I have been working working working these past few weeks trying to get my final project done.  it't still not finished but I feel like I'm almost there!  Or almost almost there at least.  I've been doing more 3d stuff again. And it takes so loooong.  But it's satisfying when you get a good picture at the end of it.

This picture (below) is not part of my final project, it's just a random experimental image I did of Victoria Stitch over the summer, stirring up  witchy potion.  I know the hands need to look more believable but I did do the whole thing very quickly.

On Monday I went to London to meet some friends.  We went to Pizza Hut and the (huge and gigantic) MnM store.  Seriously I have never seen so many bits of merchandise with the MnM logo on them before!  It was crazy!  And they had all these tubes against the walls with 22 different colours of MnM's in them.  They looked yum.  But anyway, apart from Pizza Hut and the MnM store, I also went to Foyles book shop to check out the children's section.  I like to visit Foyles if I can when I am in London because they always have such an amazing range of children's books.  And they didn't disappoint this time!

I discovered these lovely books:

Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day
 The High Street
And a load of Rob Ryan books. (I had not been acquainted with Rob Ryan's work before Monday but I think his cut out illustrations are beautiful)
I didn't actually buy any of them for myself but I might put a couple on my christmas list. Inspiring!

Other things that have happened lately:

1. My Grandparents dog had puppies! They are so cute!  They are a lot bigger than this now (this is them at one day old) and are all bouncing around and nibbling each others ears and playing.  I will post more pictures of them soon.
2. Ok so I know this is ages ago now but here's a picture of Henry and I on Halloween.  I basically recycled my grad ball outfit and wore a witches hat.  We had dinner at my friend Bruno's house and it was really nice.  There were lots of pumpkins.  In fact this was actually the same night that the puppies were born!
Other than that my life has mainly been work work work!  But that's ok.  I will post pictures of my new project soon!

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