Friday, 16 December 2011

More 3d Work

 A couple more images from my latest project.  ^

I used Henry's dead bonsai tree for the autumnal tree outside the window.  Everything else is made from paper and fabric, a few beads for the drawer knobs and some silver foil for the tap and pans.

Right now I am sitting in the sitting room with the Christmas tree and outside snowflakes are falling from the sky. Its feels very Christmassy and wintery.  Henry and I might go sledging later as long as it settles properly.

And now here are a few more pictures of the puppies.  I said I would post some more. They are all getting so big now and bouncing around and playing.  They're all developing little personalities too.  There's one whose fur sticks up at all different angles and whose really messy.  My Grandmother has christened her Scruffbag.  And then there's Big Boy who was the first born and who is bigger than all the others.  Oh they're all so cute I want one myself!  I don't think Barney would be too happy if we got a puppy though.  He watches them all from a distance with a confused look on his little furry face.

In fact these photos were all taken a little while back so the pupsters are all bigger and fluffier than this now.  Will probably post even more soon!

Hope you're having a nice pre-christmas time!  


Anonymous said...

Great illustrations again, and such beautiful puppies!

Jatzu said...

WAH! That character of yours is just so cute, and your 3D is looking amazing~ And awwww cwute puppies~!

Amish Stories said...

Happy holidays folks as I'm just visiting different blogs. Richard from Amish Stories