Friday, 9 December 2011

New Stuff!

So now it is time for me to show you what I have been up to these past nine weeks or so!  This is my latest project and I have been creating it by making 3d paper models and photographing them.

So without further ado (drum roll please!) here are the first two images from my latest book!

They have both been created purely from card and bits of fabric and a tiny bit of wire and glitter here and there.  I feel so relieved because I have been working on the images for this book for so long and so intensely but I finally have all the inside pictures finished.  I still need to do the front cover and work on the text and facing pages in the book (someone in the crit yesterday suggested putting it into a photo album format, narrated by the little cat girl character which I may try out) but for now I am going to give it a little break.  I'm going to put it aside for a couple of weeks and work on the images for my young fiction book instead. Which is about Victoria Stitch.  Yay!

more pictures from this project to follow soon!


Purpletreebird said...

It looks like you've had a lot of fun! I wish I'd done something like this when I was at Uni! I love little miniatures worlds with loads of detail, that bathroom looks great. :)
Jess xx

Ascension said...

Me encanta el trabajo que has hecho, es muy imaginativo y te ha quedado fantastico.
besitos ascension

Mai Kemble said...

OOOOH, I like these. :)