Sunday, 11 December 2011

Witches and Tinsel

three more images from my book! ^  It's so satisfying to see them finished.  More to come!  They are all made entirely from card and bits of fabric and the occasional bit of wire to make things stand up etc.  I made the rainbow panels in the door by sticking those cellophane quality street (or was it Roses? I can't remember) wrappers onto the diamond shapes.  I like the pattern on the wall that it makes. 

It's been a busy weekend.  On Friday Henry and I went to my cousins 21st party which was a family kind of thing with party games (pass the parcel yesss!) and a cheese fondue.  Yum! My Aunt made this amazing chocolate cake with two tiers and white roses:

Yum again!  

On Saturday Henry and I drove up to Derby to visit his mum and put up her Christmas decorations.  Baubles and tinsel galore!  I really love the greeny coloured baubles.  I've never really entertained the idea of green baubles on a Christmas tree before (we usually have red and gold decorations) but I think they look really nice. One day I'd like to decorate a tree with only green baubles.  All different shades of green of course.  

I feel very Christmassy now! Hopefully I will go and get our tree tomorrow.   

Hope you had a tinselly weekend too!


Annarack said...

I am in love with your illustrations and cut work :)

Nina Jørgensen said...

Awesome, christmas is such a good time of the year! Great illustrations, it must have taken you so much time to make them stand up and everything!

Karin S said...

These look amazing Victoria, well done!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous illustrations! I love the light shining through the door onto the wall too :)

Halah said...

Oooh my god I absolutely love your work! The cat-child is adorable and I'm insanely jealous of your 3d illustration skills! So so good.