Saturday, 7 January 2012

Chocolate coins for breakfast

I really like the days after Christmas.  I like that most people are off work, there are good films on tv and that it is ok to eat chocolate coins for breakfast.  I'm kind of sad that these days have come to an end now.

We took our tree down yesterday.  I wanted to keep it up for longer but Henry said it was bad luck.

^some of my new toys.  Pink flamingo, lindt bear, moomin clock, the christmas tree headband I wore on Christmas Eve when we went to Brunos house and did secret santa and went carol singing, new perfume, new hoop earrings from Henry's mum, glow sticks from Erin,  a mini chair from my sister...

Christmas this year was really nice.  I saw all my family (apart from my sister who is an air hostess and had to fly- we missed her) Christmas day was spent running round the house trying to do a treasure hunt that Henry had set me to find my presents. It was an incredibly hard treasure hunt and literally took me hours! Anyhow the prize was worth it.  It was the black and white shiny bag I had been wanting for ages and inside the bag was a silver box with a tiny grey seal in it that Henry had made himself!  (seals are one of my favourite animals by the way)

I just love it.

Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted this year!  What was your favourite present?

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