Friday, 6 January 2012

Even more 3d work...

Here are another three images from my latest project:

All the sets are made our of paper and fabric.  Everyone always asks me 'HOW did you make that tiny henry hoover in the bedroom scene?!'  It was actually one of the quickest things to make.  I just rolled up some paper and painted it and stuck some little beads for the wheels.  The cord bit is made from a shoelace.  I also designed the cat wallpaper myself.

The day before yesterday I had my final hand in for assessment.  I had to pack up all these 3d sets and take them into uni.  They filled up one massive bag, a big box and a wheely suitcase!  I suppose it's quite a milestone, the final assessment, if I really think about it.  I've been in uni for five and a half years and this is now finally the end!  To be honest I'm quite glad.  I cant wait to go and earn some money and start a career!

I took some photos of some of the things I handed in for assessment.  A box of props.  In this box you can see a tiny shopping trolley made from wire (this took me AGES.  It was by far the most tedious thing I made), the cat bed from the bedroom scene, a few different versions of the mother character and a load of other random stuff.

The photo above is the front cover for my book.  (Hmm this post is very orange themed!)

And here's a spread from inside (more orange!):

Now I've just got to work out which photos to display for my exhibition!

Well that's all from me today!  Must go and draw some more Victoria Stitch things to put in my exhibition!

Hope everyone has a nice day
Love and orange glitter


Anna Brinded said...

it's looking amazing harriet! i want that stars and moons mobile for myself. a bigger version obviously! haha x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work Harriet, very well done!! Good luck for your masters!!
David Ellis x

A.Diamantis said...

I'm really loving the style of your pages. The colors and mood of these are great!